Tomorrow  Tomorrow's come and gone again, the sky's still painted blue The fading light has found my eyes still filled with tears for you I wish so much that you had stayed, and not have gone away There is so much that's left undone, still so much to say I know that you are happy now, you're in a better place But what is there I wouldn't give, to once more see your face Tomorrow's come and gone again, yet I still don't understand How is this just, how is this fair, is this really a kind hand   For as you left with no goodbye, you may have failed to see How painful your departure was, how much it still hurts me And although you've gone and passed us by, you did not leave alone You took along a piece of me, and filled my heart with stone   Tomorrow's come and gone again, and still I miss you so And if you could hear the words I say, I'd want for you to know That all the tears I've cried for you, all the emptiness and pain Just goes to show the


  Miracles They say that you collect the tears That wash my face at night They say that you record the thoughts That claim all will be alright They say that you can break the stones That weigh upon my heart   They say that you can be the glue That holds the splitting parts But I’m the one who listens still To angels in their song Believing that you hear my voice As I dare to sing along Cuz I’m the one that battles on Refusing to agree     That miracles are only kept For the splitting of the sea Each breath and step I bravely take Are miracles to me Each smile that I give or get A miracle set free And if I can I’ll hold your hand A miracle I’ll touch And maybe then I’ll see the why And it will be enough  


      Dreams If dreams like snowflakes softly fell Or flowed like spring from unknown dells And rustled in the twilight’s breeze Or fluttered low beneath the trees And gently sung a lullaby As stars peeked out from windows high For the dreams that fall as snowflakes do Have kissed the weary lucky few And now they slumber in a trance And journey through the lost expanse But save the chosen kindred few That watch the heavens fade from view For the hushed and restless now behold With envy as the dawn takes hold

My Garden

My Garden Come to my garden, my sister my bride Follow me there with your eyes open wide For there are the flowers of yellow and blue The tapestry painted a glorious hue A place to delight in, to claim as my own A place to reveal my terrestrial throne A place for my queen to revel and dance A place to call home if given the chance I've come to your garden my husband my groom I've seen all the flowers in glorious bloom I'll turn this ambrosial site to a home That your majesty's presence no longer shall roam A place to delight in, I’ll transform the view A place to reveal, how the whole world is You A place for your essence to come down and sing A place for your palace, an abode for the king I gave you my garden my sister my bride But now it lies fallow unfit to reside   The lilies and lilacs, supplanted with weeds Covered in filth, on account of your deeds Higher and further you chased me away Your folly and lies, led you to betray You chose to ignore me, for pleasure an


Sunset I am lost and tossed against the waves As upon my soul the tempest laves Battered by the zephyrs song As my dreams refuse to sing along Lonely as a desperate squall I wonder should I care at all Yet there is still so much to do Before the sun sinks out of view I am restless as the flight-less bird Forced to fight for every word As embers hiss and won’t be still To fan the flames that fuel my will For every song the songsters sing Another one will lose its wings And for every stroke the painters paint How many stay sealed in restraint I am hounded by the un-walked trail And all the seas I will not sail And all the mountains made to climb And all the snows of wintertime No longer can I stay the trance Nor further can the hope advance For there is still so much to do Before the sun sinks out of view

Birchas Habonim

  Birchas Habonim I place my hands upon her head, these words I’m meant to say A blessing from an ancient time, my hopes for her I pray I take a pause as words get stuck, somewhere inside my heart As if a hand is holding back, not allowing me to start Yet it’s not the words that are amiss, I’ve always known them in the past   I feel that something isn’t right, this year more so than last An empty feeling so unknown, yet familiar all the same A memory to look back on, like a picture in a frame A year ago I spoke with you, as you said these words to me And along with them the love and joy was clear as day to see And you put your hands on my head, the same way I do now And these ancient words would come to life, as your blessings they’d endow I never thought it would be so soon, these words I wouldn’t hear Although I know you never left, you really still are near Please put your hands back on my head, I really want to feel And say these hallowed ancient words, I want to know it’s real For


Exile The heavens are covered in ashes,   The clouds wearing anguish and woe The angels are singing in silence For sons that they no longer know The mountains have cast down their pillars The hilltops have fallen in grief The flowers now colored in black The forests have shed every leaf The oceans lie dormant and somber The rivers have run their course dry The birds have ceased all their chirping On this day when the flames reached the sky On this day when the flames reached the sky On this day when the sages all cry On this day when the holy stones sigh On this day when destruction is nigh And now I am homeless and lonely Like a lamb lost, I wander and roam For I have perverted my duties I have witnessed the doom of my home And now I am tortured and beaten Hated despised and abused A floundering fish out of water Battered and broken and bruised   And my glory has long been forgotten The heavenly throne now ablaze Fo